Current news articles and events in and around West Yellowstone and Yellowstone National Park, Montana.

Winter Photography Opportunities in West Yellowstone, Montana

go back Winter's Grandeur By Frank Fellone Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette February 26, 2017 YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK -- This park in winter is a picture-taker's dream. Even for amateur photographers who can hardly move for the multiple layers of clothes that keep visitors from the sunny South from nearly freezing to death. Put it this way: Wear long johns or suffer the shivering consequences. Driving from Little Rock to Yellowstone National Park would be a trip of about 1,600 miles. In t [...]

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Winter Wildlife Expedition Tours in West Yellowstone, Montana

go back Discounted prices on West Yellowstone Montana winter wildlife expedition tours to Yellowstone's Old Faithful and other geothermal features By Mary Forgione Los Angeles Times February 21, 2017 HHow do you get around Yellowstone National Park in winter? One way is to take a daylong tour with experienced guides aboard a comfortable snow coach. Old Faithful Winter Expeditions are on sale now, starting at $299 per person. The deal: For the past half-century, Teton Science Schools has been t [...]

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Exploring West Yellowstone, Montana in the Fall

go back Exploring West Yellowstone Montana in the fall: bison, geysers and more. By Brian J. Cantwel Bend Bulletin October 23, 2016 YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK — Bison surrounded our minivan. Big ones and little ones. Some weighing about a ton, strolling 3 feet outside my window. This was so Yellowstone. Park rangers do their best to educate the public to stay well away from wildlife: 100 yards from bears and wolves, 25 yards from everything else. In busy parts of the park, such as where an elk [...]

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Yellowstone National Park in Winter Almost Unrecognizable

go back Yellowstone in winter almost a different place By Terry Thomas Idaho Falls Post Register/The Spokesman-Review February 17, 2016 We were headed out on a 100-mile round trip to see Upper and Lower falls of the Yellowstone River by snowmobile, and bison were an accepted trip hazard just like bison jams during the summer months. “If we pass bison on the road, pull your machine up tight to the one in front of you, like a fence. If you leave a gap, a bison may try to cut through it,” advised [...]

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Travelers Seek Solitude at Yurt Camp in Yellowstone

go back Originally published December 29, 2015 for Great Falls Tribune Written by Melynda Harrison Photography by Melynda Harrison Yellowstone National Park – A statement from the 1907 U.S. Army’s “Rules, Regulations and Instructions” for soldiers and scouts on duty in Yellowstone warns. “All persons traveling through the park from October 1 to June 1 should be regarded with suspicion.” YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – A statement from the 1907 U.S. Army’s “Rules, Regulations and Instructions” for s [...]

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The “Sleds” that Transport Sled Dog Teams

go back Originally published December 19, 2015 for KPAX Written by Ryan Greene West Yellowstone -- The annual West Yellowstone rodeo run sled dog races began this week. Sleds have somewhere between four to 12 dogs each. So really, it's basically a team sport, and in more than just one way. The annual West Yellowstone rodeo run sled dog races began this week. Sleds have somewhere between four to 12 dogs each. So really, it's basically a team sport, and in more than just one way. "It's massively [...]

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Praise the Powder Gods: 10 Reasons Yellowstone County is the Ultimate Winter Playground

go back 10 reasons Yellowstone County is the ultimate winter playground Originally published December 18, 2015 for iExplore Written by Reese Hanneman Photography by Gabrielle Naranja It’s no secret that Montana attracts outdoor adventure enthusiasts year-round. But, if you like carving deep powder, laying fresh tracks, and off-piste shredding, you have got to experience Yellowstone County this winter. Big Sky Resort Big Sky Resort and Moonlight Basin interconnect, giving you access to more skii [...]

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Western Period One

go back Western Period One Originally published December 15, 2015 for FastSkier Written by Reese Hanneman Photography by Gabrielle Naranja Well, I guess that was it! “It” being the START OF THE SEASON, that mythical event that we all think about from last May until now, that thing that hangs over our heads and motivated us through every foggy wet swamp run and frozen rollerski. So much rides on “it” at least in our heads; there are unspoken pressures and expectations that weigh our spirits all [...]

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Best of Montana in Winter: Festivals an Events

go back National Geographic March 24, 2014 Written by Maryellen Kennedy Duckett Photography by Daniel R. Westergren Whitefish’s family-friendly and mostly free carnival is an old-fashioned celebration of all things ice and snow: torchlight ski parade, Penguin Plunge in Whitefish Lake, ski races, hockey tournament, ice sculpting. The signature event, however, is the World Ski Joring Championships, a two-day outdoor party held at the Whitefish City Airport the weekend before the main carnival. Mo [...]

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