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An Outdoor Paradise

Discover West Yellowstone

Wildlife encounters one day, erupting geysers the next. Sunrise spent in the high-country and evenings marked by star-dusted skies. Guided hikes, western dining, and world-class fly fishing. With West Yellowstone as your base camp, there’s no adventure too grand or experience too small. Just moments – each as inspiring as the next.

Welcome to
the Wild West

Location isn’t everything. Unless you’re planning an epic adventure to America’s first national park, that is! Located just minutes (yes, minutes) outside of Yellowstone National Park, West Yellowstone is indeed that idyllic mountain town you can’t seem to stop dreaming about. With mile-long valleys engulfed by forests of aspen trees and blue-ribbon trout streams set against the backdrop of snow-capped mountain peaks, the town of West is exactly as you’ve imagined – breathtaking. And the adventures? They’re even better. 

Whether you’re the couple searching for a charming getaway, the thrill seeker hyped for a new excursion, or a family looking to create life-long memories, West Yellowstone is the ultimate year-round gateway to experiencing the natural wonders of the West. What season will you unlock?  


Good people, great food, and even better views – all right outside your doorstep. As a “Top 5 Small Town in America,” we know a thing or two about unique stays. 


If it’s the thrill you’re after, you’ve come to the right place! Get ready to play in the heart of nature’s biggest playground. 


Untamed and in view. Create core memories and stand in awe as you venture through one of nature’s greatest wonders. 

Follow the Adventure

Planning a once-in-a-lifetime excursion can be a lot of pressure. Good thing you have someone on the inside! From the best wildlife viewing opportunities in Yellowstone National Park (hello, baby bison) to weekend itineraries and the latest happenings in and around town, consider this your one-stop guide to discovering the unparalleled beauty and charm of West Yellowstone.  

P.S. Iconic Instagram photos optional. 


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