How to Plan a Fly Fishing Trip for the Whole Family

Fly fishing is for everyone in West Yellowstone. Bring your family for an unforgettable trip where you can reconnect with nature and each other. Here are six things to ask when planning a fly fishing trip for the whole family in West Yellowstone. Where is home base? There is little as important as where you and your little ones will rest your heads after a day of fun. West Yellowstone’s lodging options offer amenities that are important to families, like continental breakfast, indoor and outd [...]

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Types of Flies

There are three basic types of flies in fly fishing, all of which imitate prey for fish. Nymph A nymph fly is fished while it is submerged below the surface of the water. Therefore nymphs are created to look like different insects that are in the immature stage of their life when they live under the water. As a result a nymph fly is usually very successful because trout eat underwater approximately 80% of the time! In addition a strike indicator is often used, because the fly is underwater a [...]

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Fly Fishing Terms

Fly Rod A fly rod is not the same as a fishing pole. Fly rods are specially designed to cast a fly line and are commonly between 7 and 9 feet long. Also known as "rod," as in, "don't break your rod!" Fly Line Fly lines have a plastic coating over a special core. They are designed with weight unevenly distributed to make it easier to cast. Fly Reel A special fishing reel with fairly simple mechanics designed to hold large diameter fly line. Cast There are several different types of casting, not [...]

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Fly Fishing Destination

ALICE OWSLEY FLY FISHING GUIDE AND OUTFITTER RIVERSIDE ANGLERS, INC. West Yellowstone is the perfect home for me because of its great location to fantastic year-round fly fishing—I can leave town in any direction and be headed toward an incredible trout fishing destination. Surrounding areas include every size of river, from wadable freestones to larger tailwater rivers that can be drifted by a hard-sided boat or a raft. We also have exceptional small stream fishing. Including several creeks to [...]

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Fly Fishing Tips

By Peter Scorzetti, local West Yellowstone guide 1. Chat with local experts In a short conversation with a local fly fishing expert, you can gain knowledge that would take years to figure out on your own. Not only can a local expert give you the run down on the basics, they can set you down the right path for years to come. When you're planning to fish a river for the first time, no one can help you like a local expert. Fly shop employees in West Yellowstone are eager to share knowledge with th [...]

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